Windows 7 – How to stop Windows 10 upgrade pop-up on your PC

Windows 7 - How to stop Windows 10 upgrade pop-up on your PC 44

Thankfully, the “Don’t Remind Me Again” option (found in the bottom left-hand side of the screen) will dismiss the warning permanently.

Microsoft added this fullscreen upgrade prompt in the KB4350734 update to Windows 7 back in December. If you’re not running the latest version of the operating system, you will not see the warning just yet. Given the severity of running an operating system without any protections from Microsoft, it seems an appropriate response from the company.

Roughly 440 million people are still using Windows 7 worldwide – although not all of these will be without support from the Redmond-based company.

In a statement, Microsoft said: “If you continue to use an unsupported version of Windows, your PC will still work, but it will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Your PC will continue to start and run, but you will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft.”

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