Weight loss diet: THIS household item could help you lose belly fat | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss diet: THIS household item could help you lose belly fat | Diets | Life & Style 46

Eating right is one thing, but having the motivation to go to the gym can be one of the biggest struggles. 

Despite being based Down Under, obesity expert Nick Fuller says the same goes for many Australians. 

Dr Fuller, from Sydney, Australia, told My Body and Soul around 70 per cent of Australians fail to meet the recommended guidelines for exercise and “a measly 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity” five days a week. 

He added: “When we add in some exercise we are only getting to the actual recommended level for general heart health population guidelines. To add to the frustration, we often start activities we don’t even enjoy or won’t stick to long-term, for example, going to the gym, or starting with a personal trainer. 

“So in frustration we quit, waste our money, and go back to our old ways, as it is all too hard and not fun.”

But Dr Fuller has a tip to get people in the gym. His solution – headphones. 

He said: “Research has shown that listening to music may improve your enjoyment and intensity while working out, which means you are more likely to shift those kilos for summer. 

“Headphones prevent us from getting distracted and talking to our gym buddy or friends at the park.” 

Spicy food is known to help with the weight loss process, but should be avoided before a workout.

This is because exercising with spicy food in your stomach may lead to heartburn or indigestion.

Surprisingly, salad can cause issues – but it depends on what kind is eaten.

Raw vegetables should be avoided, Terry Wahls, MD, and author of “The Wahls Protocol” revealed.

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