Putin news: Russian submarines launch deadly ballistic missiles in Arctic as Russia look t | World | News

Putin news: Russian submarines launch deadly ballistic missiles in Arctic as Russia look t | World | News 46

Russia have been escalating their military activity in the Arctic region over the past few weeks. The launch of a floating nuclear power plant dubbed ‘Chernobyl on Ice’ on Friday followed the delivery of a whole battalion of deadly missiles to beef up Putin’s already-strong Northern Fleet in the Arctic. The test last night sent another shockwave through the White House, where officials are concerned that Russia could take control of another contested area in the struggle for global supremacy.

Two nuclear-powered submarines – the Tula and the Uri Dolgoruky – fired ballistic missiles in the Arctic Ocean and Barents Sea.

The Bulava missile has been compared to the Trident C4 and Trident D5 missiles.

While very similar to the C4 in terms of accuracy, weight and length, the more modern Trident D5 missile is comfortably superior.

However, there will still be cause for concern after a bold test saw Russian officials fire the deadly projectile from beneath the surface of the Barents Sea.

Putin's missiles - now in the Arctic!

Putin’s missiles – now in the Arctic! (Image: GETTY)

Putin's submarine fires a Trident-like missile

Putin’s submarine fires a Trident-like missile (Image: GETTY)

The Sineva missile, meanwhile, was fired after a nuclear submarine punched through the ice near the North Pole.

Weighing over 40 tonnes, it has an operational range of 8300km – meaning it could reach the US from the North Pole.

A Russian Defence Ministry statement read: “In accordance with the combat training plan, the Sineva sea-based ballistic missile and the Bulava missile were successfully launched from the Tula and Yuri Dolgoruky strategic submarines.

“The large-sized mock-ups of missile warheads completed the full cycle of the flight program and successfully hit training targets at the Chizha range in the Arkhangelsk region and the Kura range on the Kamchatka Peninsula.”

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