Peter Kay Car Share final episode leaves fans in tears – is a third series going to air? | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Peter Kay Car Share final episode leaves fans in tears – is a third series going to air? | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV 45

The 44-year-old described his Bafta award-winning BBC show as “a five-year labour of love” after its final episode aired on Monday.

“It’s been a five-year labour of love and we’ve loved working on it,” he told Press Association.

Peter Kay’s Car Share: The Finale reportedly attracted an average TV audience of six million viewers with a peak of 6.4 million.

Last night, BBC viewers were left in tears after Kayleigh admitted her true feelings for John.

Many described the twosome’s finale as the “perfect ending” while others vowed the “finale” may not be the end.

Ahead of the final episode, Peter and Sian, 41, hinted the pair could reunite for fans in the future, following the success of the show.

During a recent interview with Radio Times when asked if the final episode will be their last-ever Car Share, Sian replied: “Never say never.”

The duo also confirmed they will be “definitely” working together again, with no further details revealed.

Since the return of Car Share, thousands of loyal fans have signed a petition for more episodes of the highly-anticipated show.

Peter told the publication: “You’d never believe that it’d ever have that kind of effect. A petition!”

“That is incredibly flattering,” he added. “We always knew the second series would end that way and we thought people might be a bit miffed, but never thought they would be so devastated.(don’t close quote)

“We decided to write another episode that hopefully gave the characters a resolve, and I thought, let’s hold this back until the repeat of the second series.

“It was hard to keep it a secret after the reaction we got, but we never said that there wouldn’t be any more Car Share… we just said there wouldn’t be a third series.”

Last December, the Bolton-born star sparked concern when he cancelled his live tour due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.

The comedian took a break from social media, before breaking his silence by announcing the Car Share charity screening last month.

Lucky fans of the show were given the chance to watch the episodes, and Peter reportedly urged them to not give any details of the episode away.

After his return, Peter and Sian revealed they were to take part in an ad-libbing episode.

Sian previously admitted filming the unscripted scenes were a struggle as the pair continuously laughed throughout.

The actress told Press Association: “We were always laughing, and nearly all of the laughter you see in Car Share is completely genuine.

“Peter knows how to make me laugh with just a look – so he constantly makes me giggle.”

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