Macron BLUNDER: French President thanks Australian PM and his ‘delicious’ 60-year-old wife | World | News

Macron BLUNDER: French President thanks Australian PM and his ‘delicious’ 60-year-old wife | World | News 46

Macron was thanking Mr Turnbull for welcoming him to discuss improved relations between France and Australia when he made the strange translation error.

He said: “I want to thank you and your delicious wife for the warm welcome.

“Thanks to you and Lucy, thanks to you very much, Mr Prime Minister.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday he did not know whether Donald Trump would stick with a 2015 nuclear deal that many in the West see as the best hope of preventing Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

He told reporters: ”I don’t know what the US President will decide on the 12th May.”

Macron wants France to have a “strengthened strategic relationship” between India and Australia.

French ambassador Christophe Penot said: “What the president will tell your prime minister is that we are ready and willing to do much more with Australia in the South Pacific.

“We must support the South Pacific islands in their development and give them options when they want to develop infrastructure.

“That doesn’t mean we want to oppose China on that. It is just that we want to be complementary and make sure they have all the options on the table.”

Macron urged Trump to continue with the deal, when the two met in Washington last week.

The French president condemned May Day riots in France ahead of he next round of protests over EU economic reforms.

Police said 109 people had been held in custody after Tuesday’s clashes, when masked and hooded anarchists hijacked the traditional May 1 rally held by labour unions, smashing shop windows and torching cars in parts of Paris.

Further demonstrations are planned later this week, in protest against economic reform plans by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Interior minister Gerard Collomb said: “There will be an even greater number of security forces who will aim to separate those who wish to demonstrate from those who wish to vandalise.”

Collomb defended how the police had handled the demonstration on Tuesday, although opposition politicians criticised the government for not having done enough to prevent the violence.

Authorities said around 1,200 protesters, many dressed in black, had turned up on the sidelines of the annual May Day demonstration.

The protesters were from far-left anarchist groups known as Black Blocs, police said.

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