Best supplements to take: Expert’s guide to what’s worth the money and why

Best supplements to take: Expert’s guide to what’s worth the money and why 46

“A brand I would highly recommend is bioniq LIFE, who have designed a unique granulated supplement formula, which is personalised based on blood tests, genetics, and microbiome results, ensuring that the combination you are taking is exactly what your body needs in order to optimise your health. With routine testing, bioniq LIFE can track your progress and amend the formula so that your body is receiving exactly what it requires – taking away all the hassle and guesswork.

“In addition to providing a personalised supplement service, you will also have access to consultations with a qualified nutritionist to discuss your progress and general health, as well as a personalised dashboard to see your results and healthcare recommendations.”


Probiotics are one of the most popular supplements and definitely worth the money.

Clarissa said: “It is highly important that we have healthy bacteria in our gut as this plays a huge role in overall health, digestion and to ensure our immune system is working efficiently. Probiotics are useful as they can help replenish and nourish the internal supply we have of good bacteria alongside helping to keep things in balance.

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