Back pain: Spinal manipulation, acupuncture and diet are a few ways to help with back pain

Back pain: Spinal manipulation, acupuncture and diet are a few ways to help with back pain 46

Back pain is a painful condition that affects everyone at some point in their lives. The pain felt in the back usually gets better on its own and can be managed by keeping mobile or taking over-the-counter-painkillers. There are a variety of ways one could try to help ease the pain they feel in their back.

Spinal manipulation

This method involves using the hands to adjust, massage or stimulate the spine.

The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) state that spinal manipulation or chiropractic manipulation helps more with lower back pain.


A traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be used to help treat a variety of ailments from chronic diseases to chronic pain.

An overview of systematic reviews found that acupuncture may help restore function and relive pain is some people who have chronic lower back pain.


Anti-inflammatory diet

Studies have shown that having higher levels of inflammation has a close connection to certain types of chronic pain.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen, work well for some types of pain.

Research suggests that certain foods can help lower inflammation in the body and these include vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and whole grains.

Weight loss

Being overweight can cause back pain due to increased pressure on the spine and strain of the back muscles.

One study found that obesity has links to high levels of low back pain and disability in men.

Correcting posture

Incorrect posture could be the cause of back pain for some people, so taking the right steps to correct it may bring some relief.

Studies have shown that incorrect posture contributed to low back pain in adolescents.

There are wearable devices that can gently pull the shoulders back, reminding a person to correct their posture.

Correct footwear

Wearing the wrong type of shoe can cause the legs, hips and back to misalign.

Eventually this misalignment leads to back pain. One study found that people who were custom orthotics in their shoes for six weeks saw a significant improvement of back pain.

CBD oil

People use CBD to help treat a variety of ailments, including pain. One review fond that canna binds provided a significant effect on pain reductions.

More studies are needed on this subject however many health experts agree that CBD oil helps with pain management.

Physical therapy

This involves doing specific stretches and exercises under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist.

These exercises may relieve tension or help strengthen specific areas to help relieve pain.

It’s important to discuss any new methods to help alleviate back pain with your GP who will be able to inform you of the best one.

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