Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

Viral video shows plane crash into a tree only for this to happen | Travel News | Travel

A viral video has emerged that shows a terrifying scene when a plane loses control.

The plane was being driven by 79-year-old pilot Manfred Frost in Connecticut in the US.

Despite the crash, Frost miraculously survived with only minor injuries.

Whilst Manfred told NBC, “I was very fortunate I got out of it without any real injuries,” it is a scary watch.

The Imgur video, which has since been viewed over 138,000 times, shows CCTV footage of the light aircraft plummeting above a car park as it loses control.

The plane then crashes into a tree, as the wings get caught in the branches.

The scary moment causes the plane to flip over, throwing it to the ground.

However, in a shocking ending, the plane lands in the correct position, avoiding other cars and seemingly parking in an empty space.

Imgur users found the neat ending hilarious.

One wrote: “If you’re going to crash a plane, that’s the way to crash a plane.”

Others were more practical and realised how lucky the man was to escape a more serious injury.

Another remarked: “He was in the process of Stall/Spinning the plane when the tree caught him. Damn lucky it didn’t catch fire.”

Plane pilots often face terrifying landings.

Two pilots were caught attempting to land a plane during a torrential rainstorm.

The weather appears from nowhere, shocking the pilots with the unexpected storm.

The ending is luckily a happy one.

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