Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Viral video shows driver narrowly avoid car crash after dangerous overtake | Travel News | Travel

Bad drivers are aplenty on the internet, often being caught on dash cam footage.

Whilst they often receive instant karma for their illegal driving, many often manage to get away with it.

One driver was shocked to see a fellow road-user narrowly avoid a dangerous collision thanks to their driving.

Thankfully they most escaped unharmed.

The car in Russia can be seen driving in icy conditions at approximately 30 miles an hour.

From the right side of the road, a white Subaru car comes spinning past, apparently in a bid to overtake.

The car spins twice before pulling in front of the car filming, managing to right themselves.

They continue to drive as if nothing happened.

The Imgur video, which has since had over 1.5 million views, shocked users regarding the road safety.

One remarked: “Wouldn’t be surprised if he did that spin on purpose.”

Other users also had no sympathy for the driver for not taking into account the bad weather.

They wrote: “He was obviously trying to pass too fast in c*** weather.”

Another bad driver was caught on camera, this time causing a dangerous crash.

After attempting to cross three lanes on the motorway, they then speed off the exit.

They then hit another car which is forced to drive up the bank of the road to stay in control.

Despite the collision, they both appear to continue to drive on.

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