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The video has had 270,703 views on sharing site Imgur, shows a motorcyclist going head to head with a driver.

The driver in the silver SUV was on a very busy road.

They attempted to overtake traffic by driving into the oncoming lane, just ahead of a junction.

Drivers appeared bemused as the huge car sats in the lane facing the wrong direction.

However, one motorcyclist in the oncoming lane is not going to put up with the shoddy driving.

They put the nose of their bike against the bumper of the silver car and forced the driver to reverse.

Traffic followed the heroic motorcyclist, who bravely forced the SUV to make room.

Hopefully the driver will think twice before making such a dangerous decision again.

Viewers have poured praised upon the motorcyclist.

One wrote: “That biker is a goddamn national treasure, I hate p***** that pull stunts like that SUV driver did. You wait your turn with the rest of us.”

“Three words: Right. Of. Way. Stay the f*** out of oncoming lanes,” said another.

Others express surprise at the turn of events, with one writing: “Bike VS car and the bike win? Now that was unexpected.”

Another viral video posted online recently showed a thief getting instant karma after stealing a handbag.

This would-be thief was stopped by karma when he attempted to steal a woman’s handbag.

The thief was served swift justice when he grabbed the personal property off a woman’s back.

The thief, whose face is covered with a motorcycle helmet, speeds away on a moped.

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