US weather MAPPED: SCORCHING heatwave to bring 100F heat to southwest THIS WEEK | World | News

US weather forecasters have noticed a ridge of high pressure building across the American south-west. This pressure is expected to gather momentum throughout the week, with it bringing high temperatures up to 100 Fahrenheit. Weather in the southwestern states has been particularly mild this month, with maximums of 25C (77F). However, the arriving pressure is expected to push temperatures towards early to mid-30C (90F).

According to AccuWeather meteorologist Kyle Elliott, temperatures will stretch towards 90F in the midweek, and 100F by the weekend.

Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist with AccuWeather, said the desert areas of the country will see the highest temperatures.

She said: “By Wednesday, widespread highs in the 90s F are anticipated throughout California’s Central Valley and the deserts of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

“Residents of the Southwest can anticipate increased cooling costs as the summer like heatwave takes hold this week.”

High temperatures have started to emerge ahead of the high-pressure system’s arrival.

In Death Valley, California, a maximum of 28C (102F) was recorded on Tuesday.

While this was not record-breaking, the temperatures were still clearing the annual average of 33C (93F).

AccuWeather forecasters say temperatures will reach 40C (104F) by April 24, and 41C (107F) by April 25.

Meteorologists have warned people to take care as the weather presents health risks.

People should keep air conditioning on, and prevent dehydration by regularly drinking enough water.

If you are planning to venture outside during the heatwave, it is recommended you take regular breaks in the shade and refrain from strenuous activity.

Jumping into lakes or rivers at this time of year poses a risk of “cold water shock” as water temperatures are still too low for swimming.

People in the northeastern United States won’t need to take such care, as the weather is expected to be wet and windy.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Edwards has warned of “multiple rounds” of storms to pelt the US into early May.

While there will be intervals between the storms, forecasters believe rain will fall every other day in the region.

Meteorologists also believe the rain will not be severe or cause widespread flooding.

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