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US midterms 2018 latest: Donald Trump EXPOSED in Tony Schwartz interview | World | News

Tony Schwartz, who penned Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’, gave an explosive interview to US news outlet MSNBC in which he asserted the President was running scared.

Mr Schwartz said: “What’s happened now, as Trump begins to throw anything against the wall in a feeling of desperation — ’cause he is one scared son of a gun about this potential loss.

“He does understand the implications of it, and he’s frightened by it.”

The ghostwriter went on to maintain Trump was doing all in his power to inflame anger within his base in a bid to rile them up, instigating them to cast their vote.

He said: “So the reason he’s doing these outrageous things, the reason he’s sending 15 thousand troops down to a location where there’s no enemy is because he wants to do anything he can to deflect attention, to raise the anger of his base.

“What he realises is this could turn very, very dark for him.”

The final weeks building up to the campaign have seen Trump make promises on a number of major issues that may prove difficult to fulfil.

The President told voters he was going to pass a new 10 percent across-the-board tax cut, despite the fact that there have been no indications of such and Congress isn’t even in session.

He also claimed he could send the US military to the Mexican border to confront a so-called migrant caravan of Latin American migrants in search of a better life.

But the President was humiliated on Saturday when the Pentagon said the troops could not be used as “law enforcement” serving, instead, as “crowd control”.

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told ABC News affiliate kitv.com: “While DHS has discussed the need for potential assistance with force protection of CBP personnel, calling this line of support ‘law enforcement activities’ would be factually inaccurate.”

Trump’s former biographer Mr Schwartz also revealed in the extraordinary TV interview Trump was “obsessed” with violence, especially “against black people”.

He said: “So when I go back to the late 1980s, his obsession were — he had two obsessions, one was with football and the other boxing.

“He was a huge boxing fan and boxing promoter.

“He loved black people to commit violence against other black people — while he watched.”

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