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Lebanon residents have reported hearing unidentified jets towards Syria.

Speculation is rising of a foreign attack against the Syrian regime just a day after a chemical attack – possibly the US or France.

The reports come after US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed a “Strong” and “joint response” after a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian revel held town of Douma.

Reports are not confirmed so far, but video has emerged showing an unknown object flying across the sky in Lebanon.

One Twitter user said: “We’re already under attack at this very moment!”

Another said: “USA launches widespread assault on SyAF infrastructure. Warships are now positioning to launch tomahawks in the second wave of attacks.”

At least 12 Syrian troops are said to have been hurt in the attack 30 injured.

There are also reports that US warships from the Mediterranean are reportedly launching tomahawk missiles into Syria.

But there are conflicting reports as it is reported the Pentagon said there is “no truth” to reports of a US attack.

It happened roughly at 3.30am local time on Monday.

Residents reported hearing loud booms and the sound of jets.

State media confirmed strikes on the airbase and there are reports that the Syrian air defence has intercepted “eight missiles”.

The strikes are targeted at T4 airbase in Homs, near Palmyra.

The T4 airbase is an Iranian outpost in central Syria, part of the corridor from Syria to Iraq.

Speculation is rising of a foreign attack against the Syrian regime just a day after a chemical attack.

President Trump said Syria’s President Assad is an “animal” and had a “big price to pay”.

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