Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

Royal wedding: Princess Diana would have ‘HELPED’ Meghan Markle family | Life | Life & Style

The royal wedding of Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, is taking place in just three days on Saturday 19 May.

A royal insider who was once close to the late Princess Diana, who died at the age of 36, speculated about how Harry’s mother might have reacted to the match.

Paul Burrell, 59, Princess Diana’s former butler, told Lorraine Kelly that Diana would have “helped” the family, had she still been alive.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine show, he said: “She would have helped Meghan’s family because that fractured family need help.”

Paul also spoke of the lack of support for Meghan’s family ahead of the wedding.

He said: “The palace don’t have any mechanism to help extended families. There’s no protocol.

Later on in the interview, he said Diana would have been “laughing” at the royal wedding. He said: “I can hear her laughing now.”

This was because Harry had “changed” the monarchy by encouraging them to accept Meghan, he said.

“Harry has poked a stick into the nest and said it’s about time you all changed.”

“You’ve got to accept someone like Meghan, because she’s American, mixed race and a divorcee.

“All the things the royals are frightened about but all the things you have to accept.”

Finally, Paul added, touchingly, that Prince Harry would be “thinking about Diana” on his wedding day.

Earlier this week, an insider revealed exclusively to that The Queen, 92 and Prince Philip, 96, are frustrated by the behaviour of Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Sr.

It comes after allegations over the weekend Mr Markle, 73, colluded with a photographer to stage photos of himself.

The photos have since sold for huge sums of money among the world’s paparazzi.

The source revealed: “Lord Chamberlain, Her Majesty and the Duke are very angry with Meghan’s father.

“They will speak to him once he arrives about the royal protocol.”

A meeting is taking place today between Kensington Palace and the communication office about Mr Markle’s attendance this weekend.

The source added that the royals are “worried” about his behaviour.

They added: “The reason they are worried is because of those photos.”

Mr Markle was due to arrive early this week in the UK ahead of the wedding, however US website TMZ has since reported that he has decided not to attend after “suffering a heart attack”.

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