Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2018

Royal wedding 2018: Google Map of Windsor for best location to see Meghan and Harry | Travel News | Travel

The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is to take place in a few days as the young couple tie the knot.

Taking place at Windsor Castle, thousands are expected to descend upon the small town to watch.

It will be a busy day and travellers are advised to leave at 4am to make it to Windsor in time as train travel and transport will be crowded.

But where is the best place to get a glimpse of the pair as they travel through Windsor, and get the best photographs of them? worked with Google and Karen Anvil, who famously took the first photograph of Meghan, Harry, William and Kate altogether at Christmas to find the best locations on Google Maps.

1. Castle Hill

The first spot to spot the couple will be on Castle Hill.

Meghan and Harry will leave the castle in the royal Ascot Landau carriage to start the procession for people to watch.

As they leave the castle, the corner will be the best way to see them as they first encounter the crowds.

2. 50 High Street

They will continue down the high street which will be packed with people watching.

This will be the busy section but one to watch as they weave through the narrow streets.

3. Sheet Street

As they turn through the roads, this spot will be able to see them as they traverse the streets.

4. 110 Kings Road

Before the couple are to make their way back, they will continue down Kings Road as part of the procession.

This is most likely to be the best bit before the famous Long Walk that will be packed and a much quicker journey back to the castle.

5. A308

The last part of the first half of the journey will hit the main road before swinging back, and most likely a better section than the Long Walk which is exposed to all of the elements.

6. The Long Walk

The famous road will be the final sweep of the journey, with the 2.65 mile long route returning to Windsor Castle.

This will be a popular place to spot the royals as seats and events will also be taking place there and the last chance to see them before they head back inside for the evening ceremony.

The palace said, upon announcing the route Meghan and Harry would take: “They hope this short journey will provide an opportunity for more people to come together around Windsor and to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day.”

Karen Anvil spoke to about how she managed to get the best shot on the day.

She explained that getting to the venue early was a must, and wearing something that will grab their attention helps to get the perfect shot.

However, she also told that a professional camera isn’t needed: “A good camera phone is essential!

“Take mine for instance, I have the Google Pixel 2 XL – best phone camera on the market. The images are unbelievably sharp and bright, I’ve never owned a camera phone so good before.”

For the best images making sure “the sun is behind you” will also make a huge difference to the quality, and ensure the images capture the day to remember.

The Royal Borough of Windsor has issued a visitors guide  and travel advice for people heading to Windsor for the day to watch the royal wedding.

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