Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Charles tried to grab her crown | Life | Life & Style

  • Queen Elizabeth II, 91, found Prince Charles, 69, making a beeline for her crown once, an old friend has recalled.
  • It happened after the Queen’s coronation in 1953, when Charles was just five years old.
  • Charles is first in line for the British throne after Queen Elizabeth II.

As the story goes, a young Charles reached for Queen Elizabeth II’s crown because he wanted to try it on.

The Queen returned from her coronation to a reception of tea and sandwiches with friends at Buckingham Palace.

She was aged 27 when she had her coronation at Westminster Abbey in 1953.

When she got in, her son Prince Charles came into the room where she was sitting with her friends.

The young prince – who was five years old at the time – tried to pick up the crown from a table where it was resting.

A friend recalled the incident: “When we got back to the palace, the Queen lifted off the crown with a sign of relief.”

“I think she said it was giving her a headache,” she added.

“Prince Charles came running in and made a beeline for the crown.

However, he did not manage to get hold of it, the friend said. 

“Someone rushed towards him and got there just in time.”

“You could see his little podgy hands were getting ready to try it on for size.”

The story will be revealed on Elizabeth: Our Queen, which airs on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

Will Prince Charles be King?

Prince Charles is next in line for the thone when the Queen passes away.  

However, earlier today, it was said Prince Charles may not take over the Commonwealth. 

Tonight’s episode will cover the Queen’s life after her coronation in 1956.

Elizabeth II had to balance her duties between as queen with being a wife and a mother.

The episode will also cover Princess Margaret’s romance with Peter Townsend.

It is revealed what Princess Margaret said about ex lover Peter Townsend when they were reunited.

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