Property for sale: Boost house value by £23,000 with broadband and DIY improvements

When selling a property, homeowners will strive to sell to get as much money as possible for their home. Making some cheap changes will make it more appealing to potential buyers and add thousands to the property value.

“On the other hand, sluggish broadband can slash house prices by as much as 20 percent.”

As of October 2019, the average price of a property is £232,944, which means a ten percent increase would add around £23,000 to the selling price.

Appearances mean a lot to potential buyers so making sure the property is in top shape is important.

Taking time to fix any small imperfections does not need to cost a lot of money but will make the house more appealing.


“Before putting your property on the market, look at what little DIY jobs you could fix up around the house and garden, to make it look more polished,” Sam added.

“This might be completing a few small maintenance jobs that you’ve been putting off – like fixing a leaking tap, replacing any blown light bulbs or repainting any visible cracks on the walls.

“Or if you have time, a fresh coat of paint on the main rooms can make a real impact on how the photos appear on your online listing.”

For those who have a garden, tidying that up can also help increase the value of the entire property.

He said: “You can also take time to rejuvenate your garden, by making sure it is not only attractive and well designed, but also tidy, can add value.

“Privacy is often a prized asset, especially in built up areas, so consider adding fences and even trees. You can raise boundary fences and walls up to two metres without needing planning permission.

“Even if you don’t carry out a full makeover, you can still give the garden a facelift.

“Clean up and tidy litter and dead plants, weed, repair and feed the lawn, or even add a bit of colour with some new plants or a fresh coat of paint for the fence.”

As well as doing simple DIY at home, there are some pricier renovations to consider before putting a house on the market.

Sam said: “From installing real wood flooring to investing in high-end work surfaces or timeless colours and fabrics, interior updates can transform your home to give it the greatest impact when you sell.”

Before making expensive improvements in a home, the expert said it is important to weigh up how it will boost the value.

He added: “While this can seem daunting and expensive, it’s not always about how much money you spend on improvements.

“It’s about weighing up the cost against the potential increase to your property value.”

Instead of making drastic renovations, like adding an extension, homeowners could benefit more from working inside the house.

Sam said: “Any additions that are too costly might not bring much return when you sell, so it is best to work with the space that you’ve got, and ensure you think about how it can be transformed to make it more useful.

“It’s important to think about who the likely buyers of your property could be and tailor your improvements to be most beneficial to them.”

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