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Premium bonds November checker: Have YOU won November premium bonds prize? | Personal Finance | Finance

November 1 marks the day premium bond numbers are released and people will find out if their investments have netted them a significant cash prize.

Two people will have beaten one in three billion odds and become millionaires, whilst another eight will have won between £50,000 to £100,000.

The numbers were generated by the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, codenamed ERNIE as is tradition.

Checking whether you are a winner or not is easy, as a search function has been created by NS&I to help you find out.

How to check premium bonds

Premium Bonds are easily checked online via NS&I’s official website, or by a number of other methods.

To find out online, you can visit the NS&I official site here, and type in hour holding number.

The number is given to you when you open an account with the service, which includes your total savings inside.

Each pound in your savings are issued their own unique value, and these are checked through the system to find out whether one of these is a winner.

If for some reason you don’t want to do this online however, there are other methods to find out if you’ve won.

The main way is to write to NS&I, which can be done by addressing a letter to Glasgow G58 1SB.

You can request the service for a bond record, which will come with the bonds you hold, holder’s number and NS&I number.

You will need to include your personal details, reference numbers (NS&I, holder/customer, account, Bond or Certificate numbers), details of your accounts or investments, and a signature.

This month’s big prize-winning numbers are:



£100,000-319KD061561-Bristol, City of




£100,000-140KP921401-Hereford and Worcester




How do you check for unclaimed prizes?

In the event of a misdirected letter, failure to notify moving house or a change in personal details, some payments and prize notifications may not make it.

If this is the case, NS&I will hold the money for you without time limit, and will pay you on contact.

They provide a prize checker and prize history if you have an account with them, so it is as simple as logging in to check.

Claiming will require you to write in and say you have an unclaimed prize, and NS&I advises to include any new personal details if you need to update.

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