Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Post-brexit passports could be designed in France or Germany | Travel News | Travel

Post-brexit passports are a hot topic with debate around the colour – will they go back to navy blue? – a conversation starter since the referendum last year. 

More bafflingly, however, it’s been revealed the new British passport could be designed by a foreign company.

Two firms, one French and one German, have been shortlisted for the job alongside a firm in the UK. 

The British firm currently holds the contract for creating passports, designing and printing UK bank notes, but that contract will expire in 2019.

The new £490 million contract will create six million passports a year. 

Of the three companies in the running for the contract, one will be announced ‘the winner’ by the end of 2017.

Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP told The Times: “While I want to see the government achieving the best value for money, it would be ludicrous if our passports were made in Europe.”

Chairman of the Parliamentary flags and heraldry committee Andrew Rosindell also explained he believed the new passport should be created within the United Kingdom.

He told the Times: “I want to see the new British passport manufactured in Britain in a British factory employing British people because if it is not it rather defeats the objective of upholding British identity.”

A spokesperson from De La Rue told Express Online that they were unable to comment at this time.

The idea of bringing the blue passport back for British citizens was debated earlier last year.

Mr Knight, MP for Solihull, previously stated: “The blue passport is a symbol of our independence as a strong, proud nation. 

“I think this is a clear shift in position. I am very pleased to see that my calls and those of other MPs seem to be having an effect and that officials are now looking at the prospect of reintroducing this great symbol of our independence and our nation.

“There are many people who missed the original blue passport – they like the feel, the look of it – and now we have voted to leave the European Union it seems to be a good time to review when we should introduce our own passport.”

The old navy passport was previously introduced in 1920.

But in 1981, eight years after joining the EU, Brussels demanded all member states should have a “European” passport within four years. 

Britain resisted the change until 1988 which then cost taxpayers £1.5million, causing huge waves of anger within the nation.

In 2000 the UK even had to fight off a plan to remove the Queen’s crest from the passport and to add the famous EU flag instead.

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