Porsche Taycan launch event date revealed – Electric sports car coming soon

Last week the first-ever non-Porsche employee to drive the all-new electric Taycan posted a video of them driving the car. It could be quite a game-changer as the car could be launched repeatedly from 0-124mph with no real detriment to the car, as demonstrated in the video from Fully Charged.  The party piece of the Tesla Model S Performance models is the ‘Ludicrous mode’ acceleration which allows the drivers to sprint from 0-60mph on in around 2.5 seconds. However, before activating Ludicrous a warning pops up on the screen saying that using the launch mode could cause accelerated wear to the battery or motor.

While the Taycan will reportedly be able to launch from 0-60mph in around three seconds Porsche claims that the repeatability of launching will set the car apart.

On top of the impressive first driving impressions of the car, a launch event date has been confirmed.

The launch will take place at three simultaneous events in Germany, China, and Canada on September 4 (6 a.m. PDT, 9 a.m. EDT, 3 p.m. CEST).

The event will be live-streamed via Porsche’s website.

Taycan is said to be capable of charging at a rate of 250kW which will increase to 350 kW in 2021.

It will reportedly also be powered by a choice of battery packs ranging from around 80kWh to 96kWh.

The 800-volt battery pack reportedly will make faster charging and more power easier to use and achieve.

Prices for the car will reportedly start at around $80,000 but higher specs models will be more expensive.

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