Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

North Korea news LIVE: Kim Jong-un’s plan for WAR latest – Threats to PUNISH the USA | World | News

  • Donald Trump sees the latest UN sanctions as just a ‘very small step’ towards goal
  • Pyongyang slams the UN sanctions for ‘suffocating’ the nation with a blockade
  • North Korea claims to have tested an extremely powerful H-bomb 
  • Latest UN sanctions watered down due pressure from Russia and China 

Here are live updates and the latest news on the standoff between Kim Jong-un’s North Korea and Donald Trump’s USA. (All updates in BST)

3.19am: US could ‘cut off trade with China’

Donald Trump is “willing” to cut off trade with China in an effort to reign in North Korea, according to US Treasury Secretary.

Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin suggested on Wednesday that the US is willing to cut off trade “with anyone who trades with North Korea”.

He said in an interview on Fox News: “I’ve worked on an executive order that’s ready if the president wants to use it.

“We can stop trade with any country that does business with North Korea.

“We are going to be careful in using these tools, but the president is committed. We will use economic sanctions to bring North Korea to the table.”

4.46am: North Korea threatens to reduce US to ash

North Korea has threatened to reduce the US to “ash” in response to latest sanctions, a state media channel revealed.

The threats come after the UN voted unanimously to restrict shipments of fuel to Pyongyang and for a total ban on textile exports.

In an official statement, they said: “Now is the time to annihilate the US imperialist aggressors. Let’s reduce the US mainland into ashes and darkness.”

Treasury Secretary Steve MunchinGETTY

Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin suggested that the US is willing to cut off trade with China

8.15pm: US ‘plans to occupy North Korea after war’

Military experts in Washington are reportedly planning for the possibility of a North Korean occupation should war break out.

Laura Rozen, a journalist for Al-Monitor, said a source told her that think tank advisers linked to US President Donald Trump are “quietly preparing studies on the aftermath of war with North Korea”.

5.30pm: UN Chief claims that North Korean crisis can only be solved politically

António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, has warned that the only way to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis is to address the issue politically.

Mr Guterres addressed the problem at a UN press conference where he filed questions from reporters.

3.00pm: US preparing for life after Kim Jong-un

A US think tank is “quietly preparing studies on the aftermath of war with North Korea”.

Laura Rozen, a journalist for Al-Monitor, tweeted: “A think tank contact working on national security issues tells me: Major DC conservative think tanks that are linked into the Trump team are quietly preparing studies on the aftermath of war with North Korea.

“There’s a lot of interest in studies on how to defeat insurgencies led by former regime types armed with chemical and biological agents.”

Ms Rozen added that analysts are “dusting off the books from pre-Iraq War days on how to counter those types of insurgencies”. 

North Korea: Antonio Guterres f the United NationsUNITED NATIONS TV

North Korea: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged to solve North Korean crisis politically

1.40pm: South Korea prepares for all out war with cruise missile test

The South Korean army has proved its readiness for potential conflict by conducting its first-live fire drill of an advanced Taurus cruise missile.

The new weapon was fired from an American-built F-15 fighter jet, through a low altitude obstacle course on the west coat of South Korea.

The German manufactured missile is being is being touted for its stealth capabilities and boasts a maximum range of 310 miles.

12.27pm: North Korean standoff could lead to ‘nuclear war’, warns lawmaker

A Japanese wrestler turned lawmaker has urged nations to back down from North Korea, to ease tensions in the region.

Antonio Inoki who recently retuned home from a visit to Pyongyang, addressed his concerns about global safety at a press conference in Japan.

“We are seeing a situation where each raises his fist and the situation is escalating,” said Mr Inoki.

Mr Enoki proposed that Tokyo’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party sends a delegation to Pyongyang to start diplomatic talks.

“I did make the proposal and was told they would be happy to receive such a delegation,” the lawmaker said.

North Korea: Antonio InokiAFP/GETTY

North Korea: Antonio Inoki has warned of the escalating tension in the region

Noon: North Korea ‘hacking bitcoin exchanges’ as sanctions hit home 

North Korea has targeted at least three bitcoin exchanges in a bid to steal the cryptocurrency as the sanctions hit home, security experts have said.

Luke McNamara, a senior analyst with FireEye, also said the bitcoin hacking came after the tightening of sanctions on North Korea’s economy.

He said: “You also have cryptocurrencies appreciating significantly since the beginning of the year. So you see cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly in South Korea, becoming a logical target.”

10am: North Korea’s UN ambassador threatens US with the ‘greatest pain’ ever

North Korea’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Han Tae Song, has said Pyongyang is ”ready to use a form of ultimate means”.

He said: ”The forthcoming measures … will make the US suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history.” 

North Korea news: Kim Jong-un celebratesEPA

North Korea news: Kim Jong-un holds a banquet to celebrate North Korea’s latest nuclear test

9.30am BST: North Korea claims UN sanctions are ‘suffocating’ it

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the new sanctions are aimed at “completely suffocating its state and people through full-scale economic blockade” on the  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

“The DPRK will redouble the efforts to increase its strength to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and right to existence and to preserve peace and security of the region by establishing the practical equilibrium with the US,” it said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

9am: North Korean propaganda slams South Korea as Washington’s ‘puppet’

The North’s propaganda rag Rodong Sinmun has accused South Korea of being Washington’s “puppet”, slamming Seoul’s agreement with the US that will now allow it to use unlimited warhead payloads on its missiles.

8.30am BST: Donald Trump sees UN sanctions as a ‘very small step’ 

Donald Trump has said new UN sanctions are just a small step towards what is ultimately needed to rein in Pyongyang over its weapons programmes.

“We think it’s just another very small step, not a big deal,” Mr Trump told reporters at the start of a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“I don’t know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15-to-nothing vote, but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen.”

North Korea newsEPA

North Korea news: Donald Trump waits to waits to greet Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Abdul Raza

8am BST: UN unanimously agreed to watered down sanctions 

The 15-member UN Security Council unanimously agreed a watered down set of fresh sanctions against North Korea during a meeting on Monday.

A tougher initial US draft was weakened to win the support of China and Russia, both of which hold UN veto power. 

Significantly, the sanctions stopped short of imposing a full embargo on oil exports to North Korea, most of which come from China.

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