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Martin Lewis revealed how to save £300 on your energy bill on Good Morning Britain today.

The Money Saving Expert told presenters that energy price hikes are set to hit Britons.

In a warning the 46-year-old told viewers: “If you are one of 57 per cent of UK homes who are on a Big 6 standard tariff, be warned your price is going up right now.

“For many people £100 a month is now an average bill for typical usage.”

Have your energy prices gone up?

Energy price hikes

British Gas went up an average on 5.5 per cent dual fuel, direct debit on Tuesday.

Scottish Power goes up 5.5 per cent dual fuel tomorrow.

EDF electricity is up 2.7 per cent next Thursday.

Npower goes up 5.5 per cent dual fuel on 17 June.

SSE announced yesterday that it’d go up 6.7 per cent dual fuel on 11 July.

Eon’s hike of £20 on bills was on 19 April.

Martin said: “Anyone on a Big 6 standard tariff is ripping themselves off by failing to take action.

“Do-nothings pay massively more than the do-somethings.

“Switch firm and you could cut bills from an average £1,185 a year to almost £800 a year, with the same usage.”

The expert said even if for some reason you’re loyal to your current provider, almost all Big 6 suppliers have alternative tariffs over £100 a year cheaper than their standard deals.

So making a quick phone call could save you quite a lot of money.

However they operate ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ policies. So at the very least, ask.

Your cheapest depends on where you live and what you use, so do a full market comparison using Martin’s Cheap Energy Club or any Ofgem-approved site.

Martin Lewis on marriage tax allowance revealed whether being married will give you a financial boost.

He also revealed how you can get £250 in Marin Lewis’s deals last week. 

The Money Saving Expert told This Morning viewers those with a work uniform that they wash themselves simply had to fill in a form to get the money back.

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