Grand Designs 2019: Kevin McCloud follows Warwickshire couple build property on farm

The episode will follow Mark Butler and his wife, Penny, as they attempt to convert their farmhouse in Warwickshire.

Although the property seems idyllic, it has no accessibility for Mark, who is paralysed from the waist down following an accident.

With a budget of just £600,000, the forward thinking pair decide to renovate a nearby barn into a dual-purpose family and wheelchair-friendly home.

Viewers will watch as they attempt to build the property to share with their three young children.

Mark, who is a former Paralympic swimmer, plans to include a drive-in basement with a passenger lift in the modern property.

In the design, Mark also hopes to include an accessible kitchen and bathroom, step-free flooring, and extra wide retractable sliding doors.

However, the renovation is not without it challenges and Mark and Penny battle a number of obstacles as they race to finish the house.

Forced to deal with unexpected personal circumstances, the pair feel the strain on building the house.

In the show, Kevin follows the family as they attempt to overcome the shock news to build their dream property.

The new series of Grand Designs kicked off earlier this month when a daring couple built their ideal home. 

They gave themselves a budget of just £250,000 to build a class house on a cliff edge on the west coast of Scotland.

The property was built 100 feet above the sea and they overcame extreme weather conditions to get the property finished.

As the circumstances changed, they were forced to make a last minute change and they struggled to stick to their budget.

Last week, a homeowner ended up in hospital as he worked day and night to try and complete his dream property.

They had to rush to make the giant house airtight before Autumn and were forced to enlist extra manpower.

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