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Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park and Retail Row piano challenge week 6 | Gaming | Entertainment

Some weeks have seen a lacklustre response to the Fortnite challenges released by Epic Games.

But the Week 6 battle pass tasks includes a scavenger hunt where players must find sheet music and then play it on pianos found across the map.

Finding the sheet music in Fortnite is the first part of the quest and means travelling to select locations.

Stage 1 is finding a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park, which is followed by several other steps in the process.

There are a total of four parts to this challenge, which will reward the player with a top tier battle star, worth 1,000 XP.

It has also been reported that each stage of this challenge must be completed in different matches, meaning you should do each part individually, and then finish the match by dying or winning.


Find a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park is the first part of the challenge and the easiest bit to complete when you know where to look.

It’s actually located in the very first house in the central-north area of Pleasant Park, the one with the Halloween decorations.

Heading to C3 should help you narrow down the location on the map, the house has a giant spider in the garden outside, with the sheet music found on the lower floor.

After you complete this, you move onto stage 2 – Play The Sheet Music At A Piano.

The Piano can be found pretty close to the house and doesn’t a huge amount of travel.

It’s on the big hilltop just west of the Halloween house, in the corner of B3 on the map.

To play the music, you have to step onto the keys in the order found on the sheet you discovered in Pleasant Park.

After completing this you, move onto stage 3, which means relocating to Retail Row.


The Sheet Music in Retail Row can be found in a building on the Eastern side of town.

This means heading for the 5H marker on the map and looking in the building that is on the right side of the street, second from the last on the block.

After interacting with the Sheet Music found in Retail Row, fans will then need to head over to the big piano to play it.

It isn’t far from the Sheet Music and is found on a hill just south-east of the shops. This would be on the edge of the I6 marker found on the Fortnite map.

Playing this Sheet Music is a little harder, and fans will need to start on the right side of the piano where the high notes are.

After completing all of these stages, the player should be rewarded with 10 battle stars, worth 1,000 XP.

It should be noted that this is a hard Battle Pass Challenge, meaning you can only complete it if you have paid for a season 6 battle pass.

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