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Flight turbulence is particularly unpleasant for passengers on a plane, with the changing cabin pressure promoting a scary rocking motion. The consequent instability in the cabin, caused by chaotic changes in air pressure, winds and flow velocity, means travellers are restricted to their seats, with their seatbelt fastened. They may additionally need to adopt the brace seated position, with their hands behind their heads and crouched over. A new clip, posted to Instagram account Passengershaming, shows the terrifying impact of turbulence and the injuries it can cause.

It has since gone viral, with 681,779 views.

The shock scene, which is featured in one clip, shows an upturned drinks trolley in the middle of the cabin.

The cart is completely turned on its head, prompting all the items to spill out down the aisle.

One woman could be seen putting out her hand to stop the flow of cans and food coming towards her.

Meanwhile, others are scrambling around to get the objects off them and prevent injury.

It was uploaded with the caption: “Shoutout to all the peeps who think it’s ok to not wear their seatbelts and/or put their babies on floors.

“This turbulence happened on Wednesday: Orange County – Seattle.

“Flight experienced “severe turbulence” and was forced to make an emergency landing in Reno.

“Three people were taken to the hospital due to injuries.”

Making a rather forceful comment, it added: “THE CREW ISN’T ADVISING YOU TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD OR WEAR A SEATBELT TO BE AN A*****E. It’s to ensure your safety!”

Gobsmacked Instagram users flocked to comment underneath the scenes, with one writing: “Glad I’ve never been on a flight where that happened.”

A second put: “Omg I hope I never experience that bad of turbulence.”

A third continued: “Wow! Hope everyone is okay.”

Meanwhile, the video comes shortly after the most dangerous part of a plane journey came to light.

Expert Christopher Barlett told how take off and landing presented the most problems, and insisted passengers should make themselves familiar with emergency exits when they board.

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