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Flight delays are the stuff of traveller’s nightmares, though they can be fairly frequent. Whether its engine troubles or a ground staff hold up, there are all kinds of reasons why a flight may not depart on time. However, one flight in Russia recently faced a 20-minute delay for something rather out of the ordinary. The moment panic broke out as a pigeon unexpectedly flapped its way around the cabin of an Aeroflot flight was captured on camera.

A viral image, posted to the Instagram account @PassengerShaming, captured the moment a donkey boarded an unnamed flight.

Sat in an economy seat row, just below a tray table, the back of the animal can be seen in the image.

While little is known about how or why the donkey ended up flying, it is speculated that it is a registered “service animal.”

It is unclear whether the animal had a pet passport, or what the airline’s policy on pets is.

It is also unknown how long the animal was travelling in the air.

Meanwhile, a dog brought onboard another flight also caused a division of opinion between travellers.

While some thought the small, white pet was a sweet addition to the journey, others felt it was not acceptable to bring animals onto flights.

Passengers were particularly irate over the image of the dog, which showed it to have its feet up on the tray table.

One traveller said: “I love dogs. But this photo shows why you really need to sanitise the seat, table and window when you board a plane.”

It seems hygiene really is the most important thing to many people flying.

Another person concluded: “It would’ve been a perfect picture if the dog had a little disinfecting wipe under its paws.”

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