Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

Cruise secrets have revealed the trick to avoiding norovirus on holiday | Travel News | Travel

Cruise holidays are often the height of luxury with three-course dinners, exciting excursions as well as seeing the world.

Some ships hold over 3,000 passengers, which can make it an incubator for germs and disease.

Illnesses can easily spread if one person is sick, thanks to the contained environment.

One man has revealed how to avoid getting norovirus when on a cruise holiday.

Traveller Brandon Presser was invited on the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas cruise ship to learn about the secrets behind the life.

Speaking to veteran crew member Chris Mabee, he explained how getting sick can easily be reduced depending on the ship length of time.

A short cruise holiday is much more likely to cause illness to passengers than a long trip away is.

According to Bloomberg, he explained: “Those trips tend to be the least-expensive, attracting both older passengers, who are prone to getting sick, and the young booze cruisers, who forget about hygiene.”

Mr Presser also lifted the lid on some of the most prevalent illnesses reported during a cruise.

Upper respiratory infections were one of them, which includes things like the flu and are highly contagious. 

Due to the nature of the holidays, others included problems such as a “Viagra mishap” or urinary tract infections, thanks to young couples and honeymooners being frequent guests.

The all-inclusive packages which provide alcohol can also make this worse, due to having to prescribe antibiotics that are advised against taking when drinking.

Guests can stave off illness if they avoid certain parts of the ship where germs are more likely to have spread.

The lift buttons, toilet door handles and handrails are just some items which are used so frequently that they could have last been touched with something who is infected.

If a guest does think that they have fallen ill, then they should always seek medical attention from the doctors onboard.

Trained to deal with all kinds of emergencies, it could involve a 24-hour quarantine to lower the risk of an outbreak.

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