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Emmerdale star Amy Walsh, 32, admitted she wants to see her character Tracy Metcalfe find a romance with somebody new on the Dales in a bid to put a smile back on her alter ego’s face.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk at Big: The Musical’s press night, she said: “I’m hoping for a bit of a relief for Tracy. She’s been through it.

“On screen you’ll see she’s still looking to find the person responsible for her dads death, hopefully she’ll find that out. That’s still a quest on screen.

“It was a lot of work but a storyline that I loved.”

On a potential future storyline, she added: “Future wise, I’m hoping for like a romance or something.

“I just want her to be smiling again.”

But despite wanting a romance on-screen, Amy doesn’t believe Tracy could be romantically involved with any of the current cast members.

“No to be honest, they need to bring in some fresh blood,” she added laughing.

Amy’s most recent storyline sees her on a quest to find out who is responsible for her father Frank’s death.

Viewers recently witnessed Tracy’s dad Frank Clayton (played by Michael Praed) die in the Sharma factory fire after he tried to save her.

But, Tracy is currently unaware that Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) is responsible for the fire.

Upcoming scenes will see the culprit start to crack under the pressure of her guilt.

In more heartache last year, Amy’s alter ego discovered her husband David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) had been cheating on her.

Reflecting on her storylines, she went on to say she has realised the importance of taking time out of the soap to rest.

She added: “It does have an affect on your body because you’re crying all day and screaming and it’s exhausting.

“Your body doesn’t know any different, it thinks it’s real, so.

“Sometimes I think, ‘God no wonder I’m tired I’ve been through all that in one week’.”

“You have to look after yourself you really do’” she added.

“It sounds a bit cliche but I’ve realised it’s important to rest when you can and clear your mind from it all.”

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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