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Aldi delivery will begin this month but only in select locations in the USA | Food | Life & Style


The new delivery option will allow customers to order online for delivery in as little as an hour.

But UK bargain hunters shouldn’t jump for joy yet, as the service will initially only be launching in select states in the USA.

Still, the news will be welcomed by Aldi shoppers as if successful, there is every chance the chain will bring delivery to the UK.

Aldi have partnered with Instacart to offer grocery delivery to American customers in a move thought to be a response to recent news Amazon has bought Whole Foods.

Instacart describe themselves as a way for traditional grocers to compete with online shopping.

Dacyl Armendariz, an Instacart spokesperson, said last month: “That’s more important than ever given Amazon just declared war on every supermarket and corner store in America.”

Aldi will begin their delivery programme in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas this month, and confirmed there is “potential for future expansion”.

There are 1,700 Aldi stores across 35 states in the USA, and they have set their sights on becoming the third-largest grocer in the country.

Rival Lidl have only recently entered the US market, having opened their first US store on the 15th June this year.

They plan to add 100 stores along the east coast by summer 2018.

Lidl have said they will price products up to 50 per cent lower than their rivals in a bid to tempt in shoppers.

Commenters are unsure the fight to bring home delivery to the US market will work.

Bryan Roberts, director at TCC Global Retailer, which consults large US grocers, said: “The US isn’t structurally set up for online [groceries] in many ways, because everyone has a car outside of downtown Manhattan or big cities.

“It’s cheap to drive, why would you bother with home delivery when it’s so easy to just go to the supermarket?”

Over in the UK, Aldi recently announced they will be expanding with 300 new stores.

The discount German supermarket will expand from 700 to 1000 stores by 2022, although the locations are yet to be announced.

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